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Tame The Storm

July 1, 2017

Night falls. Dawn breaks. Dust settles. Life resumes.

But some wounds never heal. Some shock leaves the whole nation shell-shocked.

The country is still reeling from the Holey Artisan Bakery attack.

Barbarity purported by some of our own citizens put the whole nation into shame. Killing of development partners and buyers left a serious blot on Bangladesh’s reputation.

Investigation is on. Speculations are abound. Analyses are aplenty.

Mysteries are still there. Questions remain to be answered.

Whom should we really blame? Ideology? Divided education system? Disenchanted young men? Political differences among the parties? Growing disparity? Lack of surveillance? Lack of security? Alienation? Cultural gaps? No respect for others? Vested quarters? Neighbors? Spread of fanaticism? Or all?

Damage minimizing mode substituted image building mode of the govt. Fewer terror incidents and detaining more suspected militants make the govt complacent. It gives a false hope that everything is under control and ok.

Tolerance is a virtue that we are gradually loosing. We overreact to opinions or views that are different from us.

We often treat persons holding different views like a pack of carnivores devour alive a colossal pile of meat.

No doubt we are also responsible for creating a reactionary society where radical thoughts receive favorable ground.

While the causes of disillusionment are still there. Forces that spit venoms of radical thoughts are still active.

These forces quite easily reach out to disillusioned youth with their wide network and ample resources. In contrast, we see govt and NGOs have no resources to at least stand by them, to get  rid of their false perception of the world.

Govt spends millions of taka on anti -terror operations. Yet it barely spends any money on deradicalization programs. Nor does it assign any NGO in any deradicalization program.

Govt’s support to such programs and NGOs is what rain is to dry land. The wet top soil is full of nourishment for the plants.

Similarly,  the govt assistance helps many individual and social initiatives targeting the youth to flourish.

A troubled young man has very few places to go to help him out fixing his illusions. Sometimes a frank and friendly talk can do the work of a magic bullet. Only a good motivator can do that.

We need more motivators to inspire our frustrated youth and to help them overcome a bad patch.

In regimented organizations like the Army,  unit commander has to know about the problems , be it personal or be it within the unit, his soldiers face and offers his advice. Thereby he relieves them of their worries. His motivating role helps the unit back on track.

This bonding and trust last even after the retirement.

Our young men badly need this kind of motivator beside them. This motivator could be a peer , a professional, a teacher, a govt official, or a soldier like the unit commander. Whenever they find themselves in trouble, they can go to their old school, college, university, a govt/NGO run office and have a chat with the motivators.

They can also hold group discussion apart from individual session. The motivators must know remedies to financial, health, social and family problems.

In this regard, they should have close ties with concerned institutions.

A national call center can also be set up. Young men in distress can call a three-digit number, share their worries and get advice.

Both govt and NGOs can finance its operations. In addition, we have to create organizations that engage youth in creative works, social movements, sports, provide them a platform to display their talents, assist their little ideas to grow and build their network.

The only thing we should keep at bay in these organizations is politics. It only divides us, debases us. It kills ideas, initiatives. We should not let the politicians be part of these organizations.

A troubled young man is an easy prey for mentors of fanatic ideology. For some bizarre reasons these mentors roam scot free in the  society. But many good initiatives and people who take such initiatives face mettle in this society.

I think we have come to a point when we all have to do some kind of social service or charitable works to get rid of the social ills.

This will to change the society will get us army of motivators. Anyone who possesses a special set of skills can enlist himself as a motivator. A govt organization/NGO can maintain a database of motivators.

For some predetermined hours in every week he will motivate a group of audience or an individual at a place fixed by govt / NGO.

In exchange he can get a fair remuneration. In addition, he will get certificate for his contribution and get some privileges in availing govt services.

We have to groom our youth. If there is storm inside them we have to deal with it. If we think we will be  safe by letting the storm pass. We are dead wrong. The storm will consume us.

Our option is one: tame the storm.


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