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Path to Tyranny

August 1, 2015

All is not well for the ruling regime. The regime however seems little bothered by the wrongdoings of its activists and the battered conditions of the economy.

A ruling party MP has allegedly appropriated a huge chunk of Hindu land. Earlier, similar allegations had been raised against a cabinet minister, who also has family ties with PM. Mainstream media turned a blind eye to the news as they impose self-sensorship in running such stories on bigshots to avoid incurring their wrath. While researching on a book review for a popular daily, I came across a news report by Shishir Morol published on the same daily. The report is about mass exodus of the Hindus and an unusual decline of their numbers in population census of 2011. The reporter in his investigation found that in Gopalganj, ruling party stronghold, party leaders competed with each other to grab Hindu property.

In a Northern suburb, rival factions of the student wing of incumbent party locked into clash and left one pregnant woman seriously wounded, including the baby. And the moment I’m uploading this post, one person was dead due to eruption of clash between rival factions of Youth League in Sandwip.

Just a week ago general secretary of AL summoned journalists to hand down instructions on how to observe the upcoming death anniversary of Bangladesh’s founding father. In the wake of plunging popularity, nervous party leaders resort to Bangabandhu to rescue its public image.

One and half year after AL’s assumption of power, business confidence is waning fast, which is translated into declining trend in investment. Cronies dominate the economy and market, bringing no change to the scenario prevailed in BNP-Jamaat regime. Moreover, in some cases competitions have reduced. Power and energy and transport sector are the perfect examples. On ther hand, narcotics and smuggling are booming.

Despite planning minister’s overconfidence last year, the ADP implementation rate is slowest in the last 5 year. The bank with the most sound balance sheet has been made the worst victim of party plunder.

We have been forced to live in such a climate where we have forgotten to question the wrongdoings of the ruling coterie, to ask for more transparency of their conducts and to demand our rights and safety.

However, PM’s son pressed for rule of ‘Bangladesh’s Mahathir’ for another 3 or 4 consecutive terms to make Bngladesh a middle income country.

And the lefts who never cease an opportunity to dress down the government whenever they sense slightest signs of sins have been shamelessly saving their interests after being part of this present regime. I have seen virtually no protests so far from their part condemning the Rooppur Nuclear Power project. It is not about its justification, it is about how transparently the deal was done.

I have never seen them demanding Education Minister’s resignation in the wake of molestation at public university campus amid new year’s celebration or question leak scam or the latest skirmish between the factions of student league.

They  have never written an open letter to Putin or to Chinese Communist Party urging them to stop selling arms to Bangladesh as the human rights situation deteriorates in Bangladesh.

How could they be the changemakers while endorsing these crimes and corruption by remaining tight-lipped? All they need a little courage to call a spade a spade.


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