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Fall of a Star

November 20, 2014

Political Darwinism that is the dominant trend right now in Bangladesh politics has another high profile victim. This time it is Prime Minister’s political affairs advisor H T Imam.

The bureaucrat-turned-politician incurred the wrath of infuriated party activists and leaders after he had made controversial remarks about the Jan 5 poll and ruling party student wing.

He said at a program that party-loyalist men in the administration had been posted at the voting centers during the Jan 5 poll that was boycotted outright by BNP.

The comment is shocking enough to shake his party men up.

Adding fuel to fire, few days later in another party meeting he said he would extend his support to ruling party student activists to get them govt jobs once they passed the written test.

The remarks caused storms into teacups. Baffled party leaders are still searching for reasons behind cautious and soft-spoken advisor’s comments.

His opponents in the party have found an opportune moment to elbow him out of the party.

Naraaz(irked) PM keeps declining his request to meet her.

As a face saving measure, he appeared on several TV talk shows and held a press conference to spell out his intentions. He blamed the media for ‘distorting’ the remarks. Moreover, fellow subordinate bureaucrat came to his rescue calling his conduct as a moment’s imbecility.

Following his comment, BNP’s allegations about Jan 5 poll are gaining grounds. And perhaps a tonic for the tattered opposition before its winter movement.

H T Imam’s past are being dug out: he conducted the swearing-in ceremony of the post-Mujib govt that brutally murdered and toppled the AL govt in 1975; he was also a close aide of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib in implementing his one party rule; took money from people promising them govt jobs and promotion in the last six years.

Latif could have been an inspiration for disillusioned Imam in a sense that he showed how to abandon a sinking ship: create some controversy and then lose party membership.

If AL really wants to punish H T Imam for his comments, then it can do it by keeping him in the advisory board. Removing him will be a reward. Since he enjoyed all the good things in the last six years of the party rule, let him also feel the heat of the bad times the party is going to endure in future.

The H T Imam incident once again proves that there is no room for frankness, independent view and deviation from the party-set positions. One has to follow blindly the queen bees.

He dealt with this kind of situation before; this time it is a tougher one.

But the adaptability, which bureaucrats in this country gained while serving under different regimes, will help him to overcome the ensuing criticism.


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