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Drama Queen

June 3, 2014

It is indeed very painful to see the degeneration of a popular party. What do you expect from a govt. that is confronted by little or no opposition?

A pro-people govt. should be responsible for every decision it made and every action it took. Contrary to the image of a govt. for the people, it looks more and more like a carefree govt. This image is simply establishing its outright critic’s claim that ‘it came to power in a sham of election.

Recently, Prime Minister held a press conference following her high profile visit to Japan but thorny issues that left her govt. baffled and embarrassed dominated the question and answer session.

For instance, Gold Crest Scam which caused huge sensation in the media when it was found that gold crest, given to foreign nationals as a token of gratitude to their instrumental support during Bangladesh liberation war, contained very little gold.

When a journalist put the matter to her, she dubbed the issue a minor one and questioned the motive behind the daily which first published the report. She even found nothing unusual in the whole affair and said:” Jewelers in this part of world even pilfer gold when they make jewelries for their mother.” To a great extent, she publicly extended her support to the wrongdoers.

Unnecessary delay in trials of war criminals was raised by one journalist. She put the blame on judiciary. She took, however, credit for executing Quader Mollah, who was hanged through the judicial process, despite menacing calls from US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon.

If she takes credit for hanging Mollah, then she should also incur the blame for delaying the trial. It is a fact that war criminals’ trial had begun in the middle of her govt’s previous tenure and Mollah’s verdict implemented few weeks before the election. Evidently, electoral carrots came into play rather than commitment to the cause in implementing the verdict.

Nowadays, speculations about entente between AL and Jamaat are getting abound. Even the media remain in the dark about the investigation of violent campaign that churned up the whole country.

She could not hold in her anger when another journalist inquired about the possible date for a mid-term election, which is a make or break issue for ongoing political uncertainty.

But she ruled out any such possibility and asked the journalist whether he wanted to back to those days of unending violence under BNP-Jamaat regime.

She made it clear that she would not make any concessions to BNP.

I think she has been suffering from ‘Golapi (aka Gopali ) flu’*. And deep inside her mind she is entertaining the idea ‘Après moi le déluge’ (after me the catastrophe).

She even went to say it in public, “Majhe majhe mone hoi ami chokh bujhle ei deshtar ki hobe.(Sometimes I feel what will happen to this country when I’ll die.)”

Whenever issues of corruption and mal-governance put to her, she plays the card ‘politics of victimhood’: “After the coup of 1975, for 20 years, AL has been deprived of ruling the country.”

That doesn’t mean people gave AL a license to loot.

Having starved for 20 years, now in her third term, she made the whole country a dining table, for the ruling coterie, where only thing missing is the dining table etiquette!

For two terms AL ruled the country and we witnessed the rise of Awami cronyism. In AL’s third term, it is institutionalizing corruption.

Her public appearance has also changed dramatically. Earlier she used to appear before the public events clad in ordinary clothes. But her recent appearance before the press marked a change in that custom, as reflected in a sarcastic report published by a new daily.

Roadside tea stall talkers are keen observers and commentators of contemporary politics. Best observation on PM’s recent humdrum politics came from one such observer. He simply takes a line from a popular bollywood single:

“Ye chori bada drama queen hai (this girl is a fine actress)”



*Golapi(aka Gopali) flu—A flu that is prevalent in the sub-continent’s dynastic authoritarian political culture. It causes one to take on an indefatigable and uncompromising posture and to believe in ‘It’s my way or the hell’s way’. Symptoms include complete denial of existing problems, put the collective interest at stake by sticking to personal whims when one is close to political victory by making slight concessions, bad temperament, predilections for showing up expensive attire and jewelries, tacit approval for cronyism, justification of ruling coterie’s corruption when media exposed them, frequent trips abroad and being photographed with key global leaders to show the people that his/her unpopular regime has global endorsement. Its outbreak happens only in controlled environment where the supreme leader of the monolithic organization is surrounded by sycophants.


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