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Shibir Start Targeted Killing

August 26, 2013

Political violence has already begun in Bangladesh ahead of next election. And most of the cases incumbent party activists are the targets and victims.

Jamaat-shibir activists attacked ruling party student wing leaders at least in two different universities. In one such gruesome attack Chatra League leader Tawhid Al Hossain Tuhin sustains critical injuries when a herd of shibir cadres attacked him with sharp-edged weapons. He bears injuries on his leg, back and head. Marauders attacked his right leg 40 times with kitchen tools!

In another incident, shibir attacked a Chatra League leader in Shahjalal University in Sylhet.

Tuhin was later admitted into a specialized hospital in Dhaka. He has already gone through two major surgeries. He is now under the close observation of doctors. His full recovery could take at least six months.

Rajshahi University chatra league leader Tuhin lies unconscious on a bed at the intensive care unit of a Dhaka-based Hospital

Rajshahi University chatra league leader Tuhin lies unconscious on a bed at the intensive care unit of a Dhaka-based Hospital

Police already arrested a shibir activist Abdullah al Masum in connection with the attack and produced him before the media. In the past he was also involved with attacks on Police and Awami League activists.

Detained Shibir cadre told the media and the police that Shibir had infiltrated into Chatra League over the past couple of years. There were skirmishes between Chatra League and Islami Chatra Shibir in RU campus in recent years.Shibir identified Akheruzzaman Takim, butchered last year and sent abroad for medical treatment, and Towhid Hossain Tuhin as their targets and mounted the attacks at the opportune moment.Shibir intruders helped them mounting the attack and fleeing the spot.

The moment I am writing this post another Chatra League leader of MC College in Sylhet was attacked and butchered by Shibir cadres.

Shibir is infamous for carrying out such heinous attacks. Cutting off veins and arteries of hands and legs are their signature act of terror. Next six months is very critical as Bangladesh will go for poll. In this transitory period, many fears, Bangladesh may see rise of political violence at an unprecedented scale.


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