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Longing for YouTube

October 15, 2012

Almost a month has passed since Bangladesh banned video sharing website YouTube. The ban came after a controversial prophet defaming film posted on YouTube.

It was done to stop showing the controversial film that may hurt Muslims. Govt. has a fear that the Islamist may make this an issue to stage violent protest across the country.

But the Islamist already took the matter into streets. They already fought a pitched battle with the police and observed a day long strike.

Moreover, despite the ban, country’s one of the biggest communal violence erupted in Cox’s Bazaar.

In internet, not only in YouTube, one will find thousands of Islam defaming as well as Islam praising contents. But to enforce a ban on a site like YouTube under the pretext of a controversial film is very regrettable.

Thousands of Bangladeshis at home use this site to watch and to broadcast programs, news clips, educational and entertainment contents. Why will they have to suffer for some maniacs?

We already saw two brief bans on facebook apart from the current ban on YouTube during this govt. tenure. These steps contradict the image of a govt. that wants to create a knowledge-based society using Information Technology.

How long do we have to wait for YouTube?


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