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The Stealth Mode

September 15, 2012

Chinese defence minister General Liang Guanglie’s recent visit to India has caused a debate in Indian media when he gave ‘tips’ to two Indian pilots who flew him from Mumbai to India in a stormy weather.

Many think it was not intentional and he did it because he was not briefed well on Indian official customs.

BBC also reported the incident. While reading that report, I came across this amazing picture of General Liang, which was taken by an AP Photographer at Kutub Minar in Delhi.

Chinese Defence Minister at Kutub Minar, Delhi. Courtesy:AP

Chinese Defence Minister at Kutub Minar, Delhi. Courtesy:AP

The way he appeared before the photographer in this photo is hilarious and similar to Kung Fu Panda’s ‘stealth mode’, which Po did on his way to Lord Shen’s palace in the research film animation film Kung Fu Panda 2.

Po in stealth mode

Po in stealth mode in Kung Fu Panda 2

In this sequel of Kung Fu Panda, Po and his friends face a new villain Lord Shen, a peacock. Interestingly, the national bird of India is peacock.

Some think the General might have mocked the Indians. A report tells that he is going to retire in the next month and Indians were eager to welcome Vice President Xi Jenping, the next Chinese president, instead of him.


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