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Festival of Life

April 14, 2012

Bengali New Year 1419 has been celebrated in festive mood across Bangladesh.

At the crack of dawn, Chayant, premier cultural organization of Bangladesh, welcomed the Bangla New Year 1419 with Bengali songs, ranging from Rabidra Sangeet to Lalan Geeti, at Ramna Park.

Elephant made by students of Fine Arts of Dhaka University

Elephant made by students of Fine Arts of Dhaka University

In the capital city of Dhaka, people of all ages dressed in colorful clothes roamed on the city street and joined the celebrations of the New Year ignoring the scorching summer heat.

On Pahela Baishak, April 14, Ramna-Shahbag-Dhaka University Campus turned into an isle of celebration and became the cultural Mecca of the capital. Restless people marched towards Shahbag and watched endless cultural programs, organized by various organizations, all day long.


Demons made by students by Fine Arts

As usual, the students of Fine Arts of Dhaka University brought out a colorful parade, called Mangal Shova Yatra, on the street stretched from Hotel Inter Continental to TSC of Dhaka University. This parade is one of the essential parts of New Year celebration. Students wait for this day to organize such a huge parade and to display some of their works. This year, the parade displayed Fine Arts’ students made horses, tigers, elephants, birds, masks, a 40-feet-long boat and few demons.

I watched the parade and recorded it on my mobile phone.

Sampan, the 40-feet-long boat, epitomized the verdict of ITLOS on maritime dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar. The demons symbolized the war-criminals and they were displayed for sending the message of speeding up the war crime trial.

To me, Bengali New Year celebration manifests the true joie de vivre of the Bengalis.

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