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The Struggle Continues

March 26, 2012

March 22 was the birth anniversary of Masterda Surya Sen, one of Subcontinent’s valiant sons and the vanguard of India’s armed struggle. A report published on this occasion made me sad, very sad!

Masterda Surya Sen and his comrades’ Chittagong Uprising is a major milestone in the subcontinent’s armed struggle to independence. That death-defying act inspired many revolutionaries and stoked the spirit “Yes We Can” among the freedom fighters.

The uprising was brutally suppressed, but for one of his able lieutenants the struggle still continues! Centenarian, selfless and lonesome revolutionary Binod Bihari Chowdhury fought and won a 10 year-long legal battle to retrieve Mastarda’s property, which was dubbed vested property and taken away. He donated money from his own pocket to commence commemorative lecture on Masterda. At this age, he grieves that not a single monument has been built at Jalalbad hills, where the final battle took place between the revolutionaries and the British colonial army, and that not a single road in Chittagong is named after him. Despite two dormitories of two educational institutions, Masterda’s name can hardly be found in major civilian and military installations of Bangladesh. What a shame! Another eye-opening example of how ungrateful Bangladesh can be.

Legacy left behind by Masterda and his comrades still motivates the present patriots, and it will be a great source of inspiration for future generation.

In a country, where idealism is in death-bed, where the youth have few icons to worship, Masterda’s spirit and devotion should be an ideal for them to follow.

Isn’t this the country where we preserve the cemetery for war heroes of WWII ? What’s about our own heroes? How long will it take to name major roads of Chittagong after Masterda and his comrades? How long will it take to build a monument on Jalalabad hills? How long will it take to introduce and name a gallantry award after him?

Great revolutionary Binod Bihari will be happier than anyone else if he sees these things are really happening around him in his lifetime.

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