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The Last Misadventure or Prelude to Catastrophe?

January 31, 2012

In one of its rare appearances ARMY HQ of Bangladesh organized a press conference on January 19. Two spokesmen of army claimed the Army foiled a coup attempt, destined to oust the AL led regime, work of radical minds inside Army. By the time Bangladeshis watched the prime news on TV, the news spread like wildfire.

The misadventurists belong to Hizb-ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamist movement aimed to establish hard-core Islamic empire across the globe. I have long been arguing that the HT is a potential threat to Bangladesh and the activists of this organization infiltrated into various corporate houses and government organizations including Law-enforcement agencies.

The latest incident shows how deep they penetrated. According to press briefing, some mid-level Army officers were involved with the planning. Fingers are also pointing at one Major General. The masterminds are Major Jiauddin and a businessman Ishrar. Both of them are now on the run. Reports published in the media also indicate that leaders of BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami are also associated with the plot. Since the detention of former Rajakar chieftain, Golam Azam, key man behind murdering innocent Bengalis and intellectuals during the 9 month long liberation war, many feared that Jamaat activists would create havoc in the street. But few anticipated that they would pick up the Army to stage a coup. As the government is firm to try the war criminals, this latest coup incident could be a desperate move to block war crime trials.

The War Within
Several committees are formed to probe on the matter. So far 11 army officers were detained. The Islamist psyche of the Army is very much visible over the years. The renaming of Bangladesh’s sole modern frigate BNS Bangabandhu after one of early Islamist generals Khalid-bin Walid during the BNP-Jamaat regime is just one example.

One main reason could be the strong defense ties between Rawalpindi and Bangladesh Army establishment. Striking similarities between the military hardware of both the countries also indicate this relationship. Now it is apparent that over the years Pakistan not only exported military hardware but also shaped the military minds to become more radicals and to give birth to some Praetorian Guards inside Army.

Praetorian Guards

Praetorian Guards

From reports published on different print media it is evident that the commitment of some serving Army Officers to Democracy and constitution actually helped to foil the coup. There is a power struggle going on inside army. The future of Secular and Democratic Bangladesh depends on who will win the struggle between the radical Praetorian Guards and the secular army officers inside army.

The Maquillage
Few sinister critics are still suspicious of Army. They think this is just a cover up what is coming next. Army fabricated this story as their coup plan had leaked out or was overheard by third parties. Under Awami regime political and business interests of post 75 establishment hurt pretty badly. This establishment has huge influence over Army. As all the dirty tricks of the book on ousting a government are pretty much known to every one, vested quarter of Army will not intervene directly and will use this boosted image, foiling the coup attempt, to dig in indirectly in the face of widespread political violence. They might appear as a savior and custodian of democracy and could install an army-backed ‘National Government’ that will best serve political and business interest of post 75 establishment.

Dragon Year
One of the reasons mentioned on Hizb-ut-Tahrir propaganda material is that the present govt. is an implant of India and USA, which want to contain the rise of China. Many overlooked the China factor of this incident. China has soft corner for jihadists as long as their jihidi activities are directed against the West. In fact, many Chinese blogs hailed jihadists as comrades. When Osama died in a US raid, Chinese blogs hailed him as ‘comrade’. In any escalation of tension along the Indo-China border that may turn out to be a potential war, Sino-Pak alliance will use its influence to undermine Pro-western governments in this part of the world. This means the alliance will play a behind-the-scene role to install more authoritarian regimes in countries that it helps to raise formidable armed forces and it will eventually create many conflict zones in South Asia in a bid to keep busy a significant part of Indian Army.

Bottom Line
I do not believe in the maquillage theory and appreciate very much the stand Army took following the coup attempt, but only time can tell whether the recent coup attempt is the last misadventure or a prelude to the next catastrophe.


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