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January 4, 2012

2011 was mixed with delightful events and somber incidents. World became more uncertain as the recession hit the global economy. It was also the year of unemployed people, bankrupt economies and a popular civil uprising in the Arab world.

At home, stock prices plummeted at record level, leaving millions of shareholders penniless. Political parties in a bid to fuel anti-government movement used the victims to stage street agitation at capital. Inflation, caused by rising fuel prices in global market, affected every segment of the society. People had to readjust their monthly budget in the face of rising cost of living.

I think Arab Spring and double century of Virender Shehwag in One day format of Cricket are two things of paramount importance in 2011.

When a Tunisian vegetable vendor Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire, none could imagine the butterfly effect it would have on the Arab World. The shock wave it sent across the Arab World blew away some of World’s longest ruling tyrants. One after another the regimes fell apart and initiated reform process, following civil resistance in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Despite hope and dawn of democracy in this region, there are concerns that the Islamists may gain from the resulting power vacuum.

Another man who also has vegetables business surprised the sports world by playing an inhumane innings in Indore, India last year. The owner of the Sehwag Favorites, a vegetarian restaurant in Delhi, scored a double century that is also the highest individual ODI score in cricket. Shewag scored 219, complemented by 6 sixes and 23 fours, playing 140 balls and joined Sachin in the double century club of the ODI.

Let’s hope for a better 2012, yet it is highly unlikely that things left behind will improve this year.


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