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Best Docu of the Year

December 29, 2011

I think ‘Secret Pakistan’, directed by Sam Collyns and Edward Watts, should be the best documentary of the year. It unmasked Pakistan’s duplicity in the war against terror. It’s an outstanding work that revealed stunning details of how Pakis have been playing a double game for years while keeping the world in the dark. Another thing the viewers will definitely appreciate is its music, fabulously done by Jack Ketch.

Intelligence officials, Generals, Journalists and Diplomats opened up their trove and shared incidents that could be dotted together to draw conclusion that the so called ally on terror is harboring terrorists and a jihadi factory.

I am telling here some incidents, which I can recall at the moment, from that docu.

The Kunduz Airlift incident was shared by CIA officer Gary Bernsten. In 2001, Northern Alliance launched offensive against the Taliban. Then, a Northern Alliance intelligence officer reported to Gary that Pak Army planes were evacuating retreating Talibans including serving Pak Army Officers in disguise as Taliban.

A New York Times Reporter David Rohde was abducted by notorious Haqqani Network and imprisoned in the Pakistani city of Miranshah. According to David, he heard huge explosions, originating from militants taking bomb making lessons, from the place he was held in. Surprisingly, it was just few yards away from a Pak military base! He managed to escape from the Haqqanis. Later, he was surprised to learn that ISI officials tortured his prison guards to know why they betrayed the Haqqanis and how much money they received from Rohde instead of asking the identities of the kidnappers.

The suicide attacks carried out inside Afghanistan are supervised by ISI. Col Tony Shaffer told about a female ISI operative who scouted areas inside Afghanistan before suicide bombers carried out suicide attacks.

When the talibans get wounded they cross the border and go to Pakistan.Secret Pakistan docu team interviewed a taliban commander Mullah Qasem (not real name). He told that wounded jihadists took medical treatment from Pak clinics and no one even asked how they got injured! To Qasem and his fellow jihadists, Pakistan is their second home.

Former Pak Army officers often indirectly admitted the relationship between Pak Military establishment and the Taliban. Last year, when whistle blowing site wikileaks started releasing cables on Pak’s association with Islamist terror groups, BBC interviewed former ISI DG Lt. General Assad Durrani. Durrani told,

There is a need to keep a linkage with a number of groups in Afghanistan. Some of them are not good for us we have to go against them. But there are others whose basic aim is to offer enough resistance to the occupation forces that they just leave.
We keep contact with all of them.
I’m not privy to individual groups. But in principal one keeps contact with all of them.

When crème de la crème of US Navy Seals—DEVGRU—raided a house in Abottabad in May this year, the whole world could not believe that OBM was hiding under the nose of Pak authority without their knowledge. But for few the news was not a surprise but a confirmation of a long held belief.

One of them is former director of Afghan Intelligence Amrullah Saleh. He told the docu team that he knew about Osama’s presence in Pakistan as early as 2006. In 2006, Afghan authorities captured an ISI operative Syed Akbar who confessed that he accompanied Osama while he was fleeing to Mansera.

To Bruce Riedel, veteran CIA analyst, Pak army top brass is very much aware of ISI activities as most of its operatives come from the army and the agency is accountable to COAS. Former Pak Army Chief Ziauddin Butt’s recent statement, published on Jamestown Foundation website, further supports Mr. Riedel’s claim.

It is obvious that Pakistan is the epicenter of Global terrorism. The paki motive behind a jihadi factory is unearthed by an interview of General Hamid Gul, the mastermind behind Taliban reemergence.

Legendary journalist and South Asian expert MJ Akbar mentioned that interview of former ISI chieftain in his book The Shade of Swords. The interview was taken by another celebrity journalist Ahmed Rashid.

Rashid asked the most powerful General in 1989 whether he was not playing with fire by encouraging jihad. General Gul replied: “We are fighting a jihad and this is the first Islamic international brigade of modern era. The Communists have their international brigades, the West has NATO, why can’t the Muslims unite and form a common front?” It was such thinking that later converted the jihad against the Soviet Union into a jihad with a larger mission.


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