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JeI and ICS: Seedbed of Terrorists

September 27, 2011

Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI or JI) activists and its notorious student wing Islami Chatra Shibir (ICS) aka Shibir cadres vandalized roadside shops and set ablaze 28 vehicles including 5 Police vehicleson September 19. According to reports, they were scheduled to gather Baitul Mokarram but instead they gathered and attacked Police and pedestrians at Bijoynagar circle. It was a pre-planned and coordinated attack. Some of the Jamaat cadres were wearing helmets when they initiated attack on Police.

Their recent act reminded us what they did in Bangladesh on December 14, 1971 and throughout the liberation war and in Lahore against the Ahmediyas in early 50’s.

The DeceptiCons

Deception and treachery are integral parts of this party. Anisul Hoque’s, this man changed his color right now, Andhakarer 100 bachar is a brilliant book to have an idea why its ideology is so poisonous and similar to terror ideologies.

How deceptive the party can be is found on one of the comments made by its ideologue Maududi:

We have to send invitation of friendship to Infidel countries, but the moment we gain strength we will attack them.

This means JeI/JI & ICS are not only a problem to the liberal forces in the country but a cause of concern for Bangladesh’s neighbors too.

Many fear the fatal border skirmish of Roumari between BDR and BSF in 2001 was the work of some dogmatic radicals in ranks who wanted to bring the two countries at war. Many also think Bloodbath in Pilkhana is an JeI initiative to oust a more pro-Indian looking government before completing its tenure.

Jamaat’s rise in Bangladesh took place with the aid of post-75 establishment. It was military bigot Ziaur Rahman who installed Jamaat in Bangladeshi Politics. In Pakistan, General Ziaul Haq initiated Islamization Process of Pak society as soon as he seized power. Jamaat-e-Islami became a key ally. That phase of indoctrination also inspired former ISI agent Ziaur Rahman. During his tenure, a powerful ISI General, Lt. General Ghulam Jilani Khan, headed ISI from 1971 to 1978, visited Bangladesh in 1977 and DGFI, the military intelligence agency of Bangladesh, was formed. ISI groomed and Maududi minded intelligence community developed in Bangladesh.

Disciple of Terror

It is also important to note that 1977 also marked the renaming of Islami Chatra Sangha to Islami Chatra Shibir, the notorious student wing of JeI/JI. Since its re-birth into Bangladesh politics, it was busy on murdering liberal and left leaning students in public universities across the country. Reign of terror was established in Bangladesh’s two major public universities—–Rajshahi University and Chittagong University. Cutting of the veins of hands and legs of the rival student wing’s activists is their signature terror acts. Banglanews24 is recently carrying a series of special reports on Shibir’s atrocities. Recently, I have come across a brilliant Bangla blog post by Anis Raihan while I was doing a little research for this write-up. The post has hair-raising details of ICS/Shibir terror acts. For the convenience of global readers, I translated the acts into English and posted here

Chronology of Terror Acts:

March, 1981— within 3 years of the onset of its operation in Bangladesh, Shibir armed activists, known as Shibir Cadre, brutally attacked the elected Assistant General Secretary of Chittagong City College with local machete a.k.a Kirich. As the dying student leader was crying for water some urinated over his face.

March 11, 1982—- 3 bus full of Shibir cadres attacked innocent students of Rajshahi University.

1984— Chatra Union, a left-wing student group, leader Shahadat Hossain was slaughtered at room number 15 of Sohrawardy Hall by Shibir Cadres.

1986— Shibir cadres cut off the right wrist of Jatiya Chatra Samaj leader Abdul Hamid and then pinned it on a spear top and danced.

May 31, 1988—In front of Rajshahi Medical College staffs, teachers and hundreds of students Shibir cadres butchered and cut off veins of hands and legs, a signature terror act, prominent Chatra Maitree leader Doctor Jamil Aktar Ratan at college gates.

1988—Liberation War veteran and Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) leader Jalaluddin was butchered by Shibir cadres.

First week of July, 1988— around 20/25 students along with Amir Ali Dormitory (Hall) student GS JSD student leader Prince were severely injured in an attack by Shibir cadres.

July 17, 1988— External Shibir cadres attacked SM Hall at the crack of dawn and cut off veins of hands and legs of Rajshahi University JSD student leader and Senate member Ayub Ali khan, University student GS Ahsanul Kabir Badal and VP Naushad.

1988—- In Sylhet, Shibir cadres brutally killed Jewel, Munir and Tapan.

August, 1988— Shibir Cadres bombed residence of Rajshahi University teacher and economist Md. Yunus. Mr. Yunus survived the attack but his maids were wounded.

Fasting month of Ramadan, 1989— Shibir cadres invited President of Rajshahi University Chatra Union leader Gazi Golam Mostafa in a Iftar party, a fast breaking event, in the adjacent Chakpara and cut off his veins.

November, 1989—Shibir launched a bomb attack on JSD students at Najrul Islam Milanayatan. The attack left injured 10 students.

December 22, 1990—Shibir cadres slaughtered Chittagong University Chatra Maitree VP Farukujjaman Faruk.

March 17, 1992—–Thousands of Shibir Cadres of notorious Sirajus-Salehin clan attacked the Rajshahi University campus around 11 AM and killed JSD leader Pitu and injured 150 students including JSD student activists Ivy, Nirmal, Lemon, Rusho, Jafu, Faruk and Samajtantrik Student Front leader Rajesh. Shibir cadres cut off veins of most of these students and the wrist of Rajesh. During this attack, Shibir cadres set ablaze SM Hall, Latif Hall and Anwar Hall. Window glasses melted as gunpowder was used to light up the dormitories (halls). This attack was so intense that paramilitary force Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) was deployed and around 3AM the attack ended.

May 1992—Rajshahi College Islami Chatri Sangstha, female student wing of Shibir, leader Munira died of a bomb blast while carrying the bomb on a rickshaw and injured her aunt and the rickshaw-puller.

June 19, 1992—JSD leader Mukim was attacked by Shibir and gravely injured while leading a procession on a Strike called for trial of WAR CRIMINAL Golam Azam. He died on June 24.

August 1992—Shibir Cadre along with 3 unidentified persons died of a bomb blast while making bomb at his residence located in the new boothpara close to Rajshahi University. The shockwave was so strong that the house was leveled and CI sheet rooftop of the house was found hanging on the tree branches few yards away from the house. Police later recovered body parts from the nearby ditch.

February 3, 1993—Shibir launched an attack on innocent students of Rajshahi University and killed 5 students including Chatra Dal leader Bishyajit, student Natun and Chatra Union activist Tapan.

1999—Shibir brutally killed Chatra Dal leader Musa, son of Chittagong University teacher Dr. Enamul Haque.

September 19, 1993—Chatra Maitree leader and a cricketer of Rajshahi University team Jubaid Chowdhury Rimu was butchered by Shibir cadres.

1994—Shibir cadres cut off wrist of Chatra Maitree leader Pradyut Rudra in front of 3rd Bigyan Bhavan while he was on his way to sit for an exam.

February 13, 1995— Shibir cadres butchered Chatra Maitree leader Devashish Bhattacharjee Rupam inside Dhaka-bound Sakal-Sandha bus at Chauddapai near Rajshahi. They also cut off his veins before killing him.

July, 1995—Shibir attacked Jatiyatabadi Chatra Dal (JCD) leaders and students and cut off the wrist of central committee member Farhad. They also cut off veins of 25 students.

1996—Shibir cadres killed BNP cultural wing leader of Rajshahi University Aman Ullah Aman and cut off veins of Chatra Dal leader Duple. Two female students and one teacher were also injured while they tried to save the leaders.

1997— To take control of the student front of Chittagong Polytechnic Shibir cadres shot and cut off veins of VP Mohammad Jamir and GS of Chatra Dal Farid Uddin.

1997—- Shibir attacked and set ablaze the houses of 20 teachers of Rajshahi University including President of Bangabandhu Parishad of Rajshahi University Abdul Khalek and Zia Parishad leader Habibur Rahman Akanda.

1997—Shibir cadres attacked Chatra League leaders and activists at mid night. They also attacked nearby Police camp.

1998—Chatra Shibir attacked Mohammad Yunus while he was on his way back home after attending a teachers’ meeting. He survived the attack, yet gravely injured.

1999— A Rajshahi University (RU) staff was attacked by Shibir cadres while he tried to prevent the cadres from destroying the foundation stone of 1971 Mass Grave Memorial Monument.

August 22, 1998—Shibir cadres brutally killed Chatra Union leader Sanjay Talapatra.

2000— 8 Chatra League leaders were gruesomely gunned down by Shibir cadres at Bahaddarhat Circle in Chittagong.

2001—Shibir mounted attack on protesting female students of Rajshahi University as they wanted immediate expulsion of external staying their dormitories.

Last week of October, 2001—- Shibir cadres tied up Rajshahi University teacher Sanath Kumar Saha and tried to slaughter him. University staffs intervened and rescued him.

2002— Shibir cadres beat and broke hands and legs of RU Samajtantrik Chatra Front leader Sushanta Sinha.

July 25, 2004— RU Samajtantrik Chatra Front leader Sushanta Sinha was again attacked by a herd of Shibir cadres led by Rabi andRokon. Apart from hitting with brick they tried to break his spine.

2004— Shibir agin mounted attack on protesting female students of Rajshahi University as they wanted immediate expulsion of external staying their dormitories.

2004—- Professor Yunus who was earlier attacked 1988 and 1998 was killed by Shibir cadres while he was on his way to say his Fajar prayaers. 2 JMB activists were found guilty for the crime and hung to death. But residents from the area told that it was shibir who perpetrated the crime.

September 26, 2004— Shamim Ahmed,Chatra Maitree President of Babuganj ‘s Agarpur Union in Barishal, was murdered by Shibir cadres.

October 30, 2004—In the presence of Jamaat’s current City Emir Ataur Rehman and proctor Nurul Afsar , Shibir cadres attacked a female student procession and injured around 50 students.

December 10, 2005—Shibir cadres attacked RU Chatra Union President S M Chandan and tried to cut off his vein.

February 2, 2006—RU Jamaat-e-Islami activist teacher Mohiuddin along with RU Shibir president and 2 other cadres murdered RU Geology teacher Professor Abu Taher.

August 21, 2006— Shibir Cadres declared prominent novelist Hasan Azizul Haque unwanted at RU Campus for addressing at a seminar titled ‘Secularism and Education’. They even threatened him to decapitate his head and float it into Bay of Bengal.

February 8, 2010—RU Chatra league activists Faruk was murdered and dumped into manhole by Shibir cadres.

September 19, 2011—Shibir cadres along with JeI activists torched 28 vehicles including 5 police vehicles and vandalized roadside shops.

Still Excluded from Terror List!

In Pakistan, during 80’s and 90’s, JeI was helping Gen. Ziaul Haq’s initiative to form jihadi groups for driving out Soviet army from Afghanistan under the direct supervision of ISI.

Following 9/11, Department of state declared most of the Jihadi organizations as terror organization but spared JeI.

In Bangladesh too, JeI is still viewed as an Islamic political party by Dept. of State. But banned terror organization Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) kingpins and suicide bombers had links with JeI and ICS. One of JeI’s financial institution Islami Bank Bangladesh is found financing terror organizations. Truth is politics introduced by JeI is the seedbed where rioters, butchers, future jihadist and suicide bombers are being cultivated.

JeI and ICS met most of the criteria set by Dept. of State to declare them terror organization. Dept. of State should review its policy regarding JeI and ICS. Failure to act in time could prove fatally costly in future.


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