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9/11: The War is On

September 13, 2011

I was a second year student of Economics and was watching BBC News on TV at home when breaking news flash hit the TV screen and later some horrifying footages were shown on TV. Fisrt, it looked like a guided missile struck one of the towers after following a projected path. It was something unthinkable. Even the news presenter remained silent for few seconds. Few minutes later, another tower was hit by another hijacked plane. The moment changed the course of human destiny. The war on terror started.

The Protracted War

A protracted, low-tech, new genre of war that no-body knows when will end.

Body of Lies is a brilliant Hollywood film that can give you a fair idea what the war on terror is all about, how it is being conducted, what are the rules of engagement and how the War affects relationship.

Since enemies operate in isolation, trained in medieval environment and took refuge in regions where governments have little control, the war requires new methods and new equipment.

At the first leg of this war on terror US and International Security Assistance Forces drove out the Talibans from Afghanistan and pushed them back to their ideological root, Pakistan. Saddam also faced the US music.

But situation did not improve; in fact, it went from bad to worst.

As the war on terror intensified, divide between Muslim world and the West widened. Blessed with petrodollar, drug money, windfall donations, profit regenerated from local economy and motivated by misadventurist, Islamic extremists are dreaming to establish an empire, worst of its kind ever existed.

Terrorists started to work independently in sleeper cells and perpetrated unimaginable acts of violence against innocent civilian at measured intervals.

Wind of Change

But the war on terror worked as a catalyst to start the Arab spring, which disposed of the longest ruling bigots of the world. Maghreb is now free from Muammar and Mubarak. But not from the terrorists.

Bangladesh and the War on Terror

Bangladesh is not out from this War on Terror. Liberal parties, judiciary, administrative branches of the govt., University teachers were deliberately targeted by Jihadi groups. Notorious of them are HUJI(B), Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Hizb-ut-Towhid, Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI) and its student wing Islami Chatra Shibir(ICS). In the past, they acted separately, but now things are getting tougher for them since a liberal govt. is in power. What is worrying is that they start to form an alliance to topple up the Awami League led Grande Alliance.

Another matter of grave concern is the presence of Islamic extremist’s economy that provides ample funds to spread their ideology. Dr. Abul Barkat, a leading economist who has colossal works on vested property and extremism, in his Dr. Abdul Gaffur Public Lecture address, titled ‘Economy of Fundamentalist in Bangladesh’ and delivered on 21st April 2005 at IBA auditorium of Dhaka University, showed that economy of Islamic extremist generates BDT 12000 million worth of net profit every year. The largest part, 27%, of this profit comes from the Financial institutions, while profits emanate from NGOs, pharmaceutical and diagonistic lab, education sector, real estate, transportation and Media& IT account for 20.8 %, 10.8%, 10.4%, 9.2%, 8.3%, 7.5% and 5.8% of the net profit respectively. This estimation was done using heuristic method.

Without doubt their net profit continued to grow till 2008’s General election when AL led Grand Alliance came to power. The alliance have a strong commitment to fight against terrorism, but the irony is Islami Bank Bangladesh, one of the key radical financial institutions , that has been found aiding terrorist activities was the official sponsor of the Cricket World Cup 2011, hosted by Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka!

Those to Whom Evil is Done, Do Evil in Return

W.H. Auden’s September 1, 1939’s, written in response to Germany’s invasion of Poland during WWII, often quoted lines “Those to whom evil is done/ Do evil in return” used frequently to describe public reaction to 9/11.The lines were even used in the Body of Lies. Many think the lines were too simplified.

But I think the lines best describe how the war is being conducted. Two passenger planes were used to destroy the twin towers. Now drones are being used to chase and eliminate the masterminds, potential bombers and Jihadi factories. This is a War that is continuously changing its momentum and theater. Today terrorists are visibly strong in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Tomorrow they will start to operate from somewhere else. And it is the innocent people who will suffer from their terror acts. Heavy-handed approach is the only way you can deal with these beasts.


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