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The Ball Still Keeps On Bouncing

July 4, 2011

Obama’s recent decision on drawing down troops got mixed reaction from various quarters. Some appreciate the move saying it a wise decision while some think it will jeopardize the whole Af-Pak campaign.

Is it a surprise move from US? No. In fact, empirical evidence tells us that they have a long history of letting down their friends and of messing up the end game. ‘They always go in with their ideals, they changed the world. And then they leave.’ Afghanistan itself is the burning example.

US flow of funds dried out as soon as the Soviets left  Afghanistan. Because, many at the key decision making position then thought that US taxpayers don’t bother about building schools, colleges etc. and creating jobs in Afghanistan. Due to power vacuum, the country descended into chaos and Taliban became the ruler of the war-torn country.

Pak also found a safe sanctuary to groom Wahabi Terrorist, funded by oil-rich adventurous Sheikhs, to establish an Islamic Empire. Americans paid the price of ignoring Afghanistan dearly when at the early hours of 9/11 they realized that they were attacked by unsophisticated medieval Wahabi Terrorists and are at low-tech war with them!!

Any dramatic reduction in troops could embolden the jihadists and their masters. The latest attack of Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel is an eye-opener. Modus operandi of the terrorists is similar to that of those who carried out the Mumbai attack.

This means regional scavenger is closely watching the developments there and it is showing every sign of its eagerness to fill any future power vacuum. On the dead dreams of Afghans, it will confidently implement its plan of Worldwide Wahabi Khilafat.

Afghan dreams are just like our ones. What they want a better life and better future for themselves and for their children. For that, they need education and jobs at home. Insecure Afghanistan is a major impediment for materializing that dream.

US left Afghans before while ‘the ball kept on bouncing’. And the whole world paid the price of ignoring Afghanistan. This time too, when the job is half done, the early draw-down of troops will be counterproductive. Stable Afghanistan requires long-term US commitment.


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