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India Hails Modi Miracle

February 1, 2011

Opponents termed him Maut ka Saudagar (Merchant of Death) for his alleged role in Gujrat Riot, triggered after some miscreants set the Kar Sevak’s train ablaze. But subsequent committees, formed to probe on the matter, found little evidence against him. Now the whole India is hailing him for his ingenious ‘Modi Model’, which   India is about to replicate.  Yes you guessed it right! I’m talking about Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi, many already consider him the future PM of India.

After sworn in as CM of Gujarat, he undertook a wide range of policy, known as yojana, aimed at scaling up the livelihood of the ordinary Gujaratis. Sujalam Sufalam, a scheme to create a grid of water resources in Gujarat for water conservation and its appropriate utilization, Chiranjeevi Yojana, aims to reduce infant mortality rate, Karmayogi Abhiyan, aims to educate and train government employee, Balbhog Yojana , for midday meal for students and Jyotigram Yojana , focuses to electrify every village, are examples of such policies.

But it is the Panchamrut Yojana,a five-pronged grand strategy for an integrated development of the state, that draws the most attention. It covers five core areas—Gyan Shakti, Jala Shakti, Urja Shakti, Jana shakti and Raksha Shakti.

As part of this grand strategy various measures are taken in sectors like education, energy, human resource development, water resource development, security and ICT.

Salient steps are to build 11 new universities and 400 new colleges,  to create jobs for 1.25 lakh teachers, to set up  a 2200 km long State Wide Gas Grid, to construct biggest CNG and LNG infrastructure in the country, to computerize village panchayats and revenue records and to celebrate famous festivals to channelise creative energy of the people.

But it is the biennial investment summit that shines most. The investment summit, launched in 2003, is known as Vibrant Gujarat which aims to attract investment in Gujarat. Around 35000 representatives from 101 countries took part in the 5th summit, which took place from January 12 to January 13. The summit witnessed signing of 7936 MoUs involving investment of $450 billion, which will create 5.2 million job opportunities. The key part is that 46% of the investment is directed at the SME sector. Another objective of this year’s summit is to encourage big corporations to fulfill their obligations regarding CSR. Mission Mangalam Scheme, aims to empower 1.5 million poor women living under poverty line, has been introduced for this reason. 35 corporate companies will invest about 35000 crore rupees in this scheme. Ratan Tata already nodded to take part in this scheme.

The strategies taken by Modi have started to pay dividend. In terms of economic growth, it outpaced all other states. Gujarat model is being replicated in several states. Even the minority Muslim community is enjoying the benefits of Modi miracle. For this reason, in the recent local government election Gujarati Muslims trusted BJP and elected more than 100 Muslims contested on a BJP ticket.

Modi proves that Gujarat can dream and most importantly Gujarat can devise means to materialize its dream. Bangladesh should give a try to Modi model.


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